Would you like to receive incredible rewards by becoming a Shalom hostess? This is your chance, Live the Shalom Luxury Leather experience!


Receive a $30.00 reward cash bonus for each product your referrals purchase.
Access this incredible opportunity in just one step: Create a Shalom Hostess account to get started, save your address and enjoy the exciting benefits. In return you will receive a text message and an email with an identification code.

Learn more about our opportunity:

Shalom Luxury Leather is an innovative brand for unique women seeking to enhance their style and beauty. We aim to empower women while our Shalom hostesses generate financial income with flexibility. It does not matter if you are employed, you work independently or if you are doing valuable work from home. With Shalom Luxury Leather you have no sales limits, you set them.
In this way we contribute to the development and advancement of our community while supporting projects that favor the empowerment of women in the State of Washington.
As women we know that we have many friends, coworkers, and close family who always like to be at the forefront of fashion. Beautiful shoes are a part of every women´s fashion and style. Shalom Luxury Leather products

have excellent quality standards, design and innovation, so inviting your friends to a Shalom Luxury Leather experience will be very easy.

How does this opportunity work?

Step 1
As Shalom hostess, you will invite your friends to our Online store to share the Shalom Luxury Leather fashion experience and purchase our products.

Step 2
Assist each of our potential clients to register on our website, and become a VIP Shalom client.

Step 3
Encourage your friends to live this experience with our shoe line. For each purchase they make, you will be rewarded with a cash bonus of $30.00. So the more your guest purchases the more bonuses you will receive. At the beginning of each month you will receive your bonus from the sales that you accumulated from the previous month.

Step 4
Invite your friends to follow us on our social networks and post their Shalom experience. The best post of the month receives a special gift from our Shalom Luxury Leather brand owner.

Shalom Luxury Leather
More than a brand, it is a purpose!