SH LUXURY LEATHER, owner of the brand SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER, is committed to respect the right to privacy of all its customers and, in general, of all those people who provide data to the company through our website. The following policies describe how SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER, protect, and use the received information:


Eventually, SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER, may request information from their customers, whose response in any case will be voluntary. This information will be used to achieve a greater understanding of their tastes, preferences and needs. Also to keep them informed about new products, services and promotions.


To understand in a better way the needs of the customers and offer a better service, this site uses anonymous identifiers (“cookies”) to collect anonymous information about preferences and interests of its users. A cookie is any text string that asks for authorization to be stored on the computer’s hard drive. If the user accepts, then the browser adds the text in a small file in order to notify us when the user visits our sites.

The collected information through this website is provided to associated companies and is used by them to create anonymous profiles for any purpose, including, but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products, and may be marketed, disseminated or used by SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER, or its partners.

The provided information to such companies does not include and is never combined with personal data to identify a specific person (such as name, address or email address) or any information that may be considered sensitive or that may compromise privacy of the users.


SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER does not sell, market, or transfer personal information that you voluntarily decide to provide. SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER is protected by a firewall tool that allows us to control the reliability of the data in our system. The personal information of our users is only accessible by a limited number of people who have special rights to access these systems and who are committed to maintain the confidentiality of the data. In all cases SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER will make confidentiality agreements with the contracted companies to process the information, to guarantee its respect.


Eventually SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER will make alliances with other companies to develop customer interest’s activities such as contests, promotions, special offers, etc. The information that you voluntarily provide to participate in these activities may be used by the companies involved in the alliance.


If you want to be deleted from our customer database, all you have to do is contact us through our e-mail; and immediately we will proceed to delete all the data that identify you as a person (name, address, etc.).


If you want to be deleted from our e-mail list let us know your decision through our e-mail