Changes and returns: Applies for the following cases:

  1. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, we will accept the return of the product as long as it is without any use and still new, with original labels attached, intact and with all the original packaging, including all the other parts that are in the product, also it must accompanied by an original Shalom Luxury Leather receipt / invoice, the returned article must not be washed, used or altered, and it must have all the original items and packaging to be eligible for return or exchange. Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving produduct.
  2. If the change or return is associated to manufacturing processes or material events (such as: detached sole, burst seams, broken sole, buckles or ironwork) then the product must be returned in its original package and accompanied by an original Shalom Luxury Leather receipt or invoice.

The credit for the returned article(s) will be returned to your account through the same payment method you made the purchase for the article(s). The credit must appear in your next statement. You will receive an e-mail, confirming the success of the return process.

Returned orders must be delivered back within 30 days after the order was shipped.

Products that present the following are excluding from the guarantee:

  • Tears, scratches, broken materials (leather and textiles), as well as parts that make up the article itself such as: broken heels, soles, lids, zippers and other broken accessories caused by the misuse of the product.
  • Changes in color, hue and texture that are natural to the shoe material.
  • Fold or roughness caused by the instep flexing.
  • Articles that have already been handled by shoe stores, shoe shops or other types of third parties.
  • Damage caused by improper repairs and cleaning.
  • Cleaning products to take care of the article (They have no guarantee)
  • Articles on a special sale.

According to its guarantee of quality, SHALOM LUXURY LEATHER, undertakes to accept returned products or exchange them in cases like number 1 or 2, and do it the following ways:

  • If the money is going to be returned back to the customer, Shalom Luxury Leather must do it within 3 days after accepting the guarantee.
  • If the customer decides to exchange the article for an identical one, with similar features or another one with the same price, not less, it is the customer’s right to choose the new article, and the features of the new one must not be inferior to the previous article covered by guarantee.


To return or exchange via mail, here are the following instructions:

1. Complete the required information in the form, print it, and put it on the package you are sending.

2. Securely pack your article. Please, if possible, use the original box it came with and the materials.

3. Place the pre-addressed and prepaid return label on your return package.

4. If you purchased your article via online through, send your return package to any office of the United States Postal Service, visit to schedule a free pickup.

NOTE: Eligible merchandise purchased via paid through PayPal or Strepe can be returned through the website and can have a refund only through PayPal or Strepe, depending the case, with no exchanges.

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