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100% Leather with a natural pad lining and an imported rubber sole.


100% Leather with a natural pad lining and an imported rubber sole.


shoes: 100% Leather, natural pad lining, rubber soles for comfort.

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Isela Lara

I bought some beautiful shoes and with the discount I had when I registered, the price was very favorable, without a doubt the quality exceeded my expectations, Shalom Luxury Leather has great designs and with a high quality, thank you very much for the excellent service, 100% recommended.

Tatiana Giraldo

I am happy with the purchase I made of some beautiful leather sandals, their comfort and softness have enchanted me and it is very important for me these two accessories in a shoe to be able to use it, which is why Shalom Luxury Leather fulfilled my expectations. Recommended 100% Colombian footwear.

Liliana Sprague

Excellent quality in these beautiful shoes, I bought some sandals that since I saw them made me fall in love. With the discounts when I signed up, I got them at an excellent price. Excellent customer service, I highly recommend them.


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