We guarantee that our manufactured products maintain high quality standards, because every single one of them are made by Colombian artisans and manufacturers who are experts working with leather. Colombian manufacturing is a long time tradition existing for more than 100 years, evolving and being perfected through time. 100% of the leather we use is a high quality leather, only working with tanneries who are responsible with the environment and conscious in their ways of tanning and dyeing leather. Our manufacturers use polished leather so it can be lighter and more comfortable when using it, and one by one they put pieces together to have a complete design. Through this process they transform skins into guaranteed, durable, comfortable, authentic products that are unique among worldwide fashion platforms.

For a better leather performance it is important to know the following:

Since leather is an organic product that has been dried, dyed and manually painted to be used on a daily basis it must avoid any water contact, in case this happens it has to be manually dried with a cloth and put to dry in the shade. Wrinkles will be created naturally through the daily use of the leather. Exposure to sunlight will cause variations to the original color. These are natural consequences of using the product, just as every natural skin ages.

In case of stains from external products, it is recommended to clean the leather with a colorless special leather lotion, so that the original color will not be altered. We hope you follow our recommendations while you enjoy an excellent product, please take care of your leather attire so it may last longer.